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Want to Help us Change a Broken Industry?

The way news is created effects everyone one of us in big ways! While the internet has seen huge technological advancements in the past decade that has democracized and helped level the playing field for the spread of information, the PR industry has barely changed, if not got worse. PR is a critical driving force for change and improvement in the world. If helping to disrupt the PR & News industry towards a more equal opportunity for all causes and products sounds like a good idea to you, you could be a fit for our team.

We're The Fastest Growing PR Software Company in the World

PressCable is a fast moving, wave-making startup, comprising a group of passionate people who know that a great message deserves to be heard.

To get attention today on 'The Global Stage', a message needs power, authority and reach to get into the hearts and minds of people who are reading, watching and listening.

We provide the power, authority and reach.

This is how we help people and businesses all across the world find their voice, and help level the playing field in PR so all causes and products have a more equal opportunity to find their voice.

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The Product
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The Team
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Life At PressCable
Interested in working with us? Come take a good look see at what "A Day In The Life Of A PressCabler" is really like, and why we love it... straight from the proverbial horse's mouth!